Pictured above is a “tiny house.”

What do tiny homes, marijuana, a sex club, the Satanic Temple, and yoga have in common? They each make an appearance in this installment of the RLUIPA Round-Up!

  • A Nashville United Methodist Church’s plan to construct a tiny home village for the homeless recently

The recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has brought renewed attention to the often blurry line between the courts, government and individual religious liberty. Gorsuch wrote a concurring opinion in the 10th Circuit’s Hobby Lobby decision, which established that a closely held corporation may refuse to provide health insurance coverage that

Guest Post by Tavo T. True-Alcala

The Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) recently filed a federal complaint and request for declaratory judgment against the State of Tennessee, the Metropolitan Trustee of Nashville, and the Tennessee State Board of Equalization after it was denied a request for retroactive property tax relief.

Since 1995, ICN has

Cowboy Weathervane_Pai Shih_72dpi_cropWe noted in our previous post that the U.S. Department of Justice, in its latest report, has stated that one of the biggest trends in religious land use disputes since 2010 has been the drastic increase in disputes involving mosques and Islamic schools.  Below are some of the latest religious land use controversies from around


Many view Thanksgiving week as a time for reflection and gratitude.  Whether looking forward to the next turkey or reminiscing about the last, take some time for our semi-regular summary of news items involving local government, religion, and land use—the round-up:

yoda street art

What is Religious Exercise? remains a prevalent question in religious land use news this week.  Below, find our semi-regular summary of news items involving local government, religion, and land use.

  • A District of Columbia church, the United House of Prayer, recently claimed that plans to designate a protected bike lane in front of its

Cowboy Weathervane_Pai Shih_72dpi_cropBelow are news items from the past week involving local government, religion, and land use that may be of interest to our readers.

  • The New York Times reports that the Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds has been removed following the State Supreme Court’s decision that the monument violated the Oklahoma Constitution (prior

Original Photography by Pai Shih (Licensed, cropped from original)
Original Photography by Pai Shih (Licensed, cropped from original)

Unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye to the last true week of summer.  But RLUIPA Defense is happy to say hello to fall with another edition of the Round-Up!