RLUIPA Defense is excited to bring you week two of the RLUIPA Round-Up – a weekly run through of recent religious land use disputes and other matters involving local government and religion throughout the country, as well as other stories that are important to monitor, or are at least pretty entertaining.

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  • Department of Justice ends investigation into potential RLUIPA violation of Kennesaw, Georgia, following amendment to zoning code and approval of mosque (local coverage here) (previous post here).
  • City of Ketchum, Idaho, to consider comprehensive amendments to zoning code, including standardizing all assembly uses to align with RLUIPA (local coverage here).
  • Mary of the Mount Parish seeks Pittsburg Zoning Board of Adjustment approval of special exception application to construct new parish center and social hall on vacant lot (local coverage here).
  • Attorney representing priest seeking zoning approval to convert Danbury, Connecticut, property into a church warns Danbury Zoning Board of Appeals that denial would violate RLUIPA (local coverage here).
  • Atheists planning lawsuit to challenge “In God we trust” on U.S. currency as violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (local coverage here).
  • Alabama’s Homewood City Council approves rezone for church auxiliary site despite neighborhood opposition (local coverage here).
  • Tradition of high school prayer turns neutral and passes constitutional muster. Post from Religion Clause here.
  • West Forsyth, Georgia ZBA approves Hindu temple, despite opposition from local Polo Golf and Country Club Homeowners Association (local coverage here).
  • Churches may soon need a special permit to locate in Plainfield, Illinois’ business zones (local coverage here).