SatanIn our post last month Satanists Score Victory in Phoenix, we reported on the controversy involving the Satanic Temple’s request to open Phoenix City Council’s meeting with prayer.  Long story short, the City opted to end a 65-year prayer policy and replace it with a moment of silence following the Satanic Temple’s request.  World Religion News reports that the City Council has reversed course and will now re-implement its prayer policy.  Reportedly, prayer will be limited to Phoenix Police or Fire Department chaplains only.

The Phoenix City Attorney apparently indicated that “it is not possible for a city to modify its prayer style with intentions of preventing other Satanic Church members from speaking.  Doing so will become a breach of the first Amendment.”  Based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 ruling in Town of Greece v. Galloway, this concern appears valid (prior post on the Greece decision here).

The Satanic Temple’s Twitter account states that “Satan stands as the ultimate icon for the selfless revolt against tyranny, free & rational inquiry, and the responsible pursuit of happiness.”  Judging from its recent tweets, the Satanic Temple appears ready to stand true to its creed in its battle with the Phoenix City Council:

The Satanic Temple ‎@satanicpsalms

If @CityofPhoenixAZ reopens invocations, we’re first on the schedule or we will sue for clear discrimination. And we will win. @MRNowakowski

10:51 AM – 2 Mar 2016

The Satanic Temple ‎@satanicpsalms

Guaranteed @CityofPhoenixAZ : if prayer forum is reopened, having closed temporarily to silence us, we will aggressively pursue legal remedy

11:20 AM – 2 Mar 2016

The Satanic Temple ‎@satanicpsalms

Know this @MayorStanton : if the invocation forum is reopened, we are first on the schedule, or we’ll file suit for discrimination (and win)

11:28 AM – 2 Mar 2016

The Satanic Temple ‎@satanicpsalms

Tucson News Now: Phoenix returns prayer, The Satanic Temple strategizes with legal counsel: …

1:56 PM – 3 Mar 2016

*Photograph by Sin Jones, some rights reserved.