The recent issue of West’s Zoning and Planning Law Report features an article by Evan Seeman that will be of special interest to our readers: RLUIPA Defense Tactics; How to Avoid & Defend Against RLUIPA Claims.  The article is available here.  Early reviews of the article include these:

  • “An excellent article for the municipal practitioner, demonstrating that with proper planning, knowledge of the law, and education, it is possible for local governments to reasonably regulate religious institutions, and still prevail in the inevitable lawsuit that will be filed when they do.”  Steven Elrod, Holland & Knight.
  • “Evan’s article is a ‘must read’ for any local government zoning official or attorney who wants to avoid expensive and lengthy RLUIPA litigation.  The article is full of practical tips for governments, such as carefully and deliberately planning for religious uses in the community.”  Julie Tappendorf, Ancel Glink.
  • “Evan has offered several clear and practical suggestions as to how to avoid and defend RLUIPA cases.  This article is worth your time to read.”  Daniel Dalton, Dalton & Tomich.